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3rd Generation Outdoor Fitness Equipment

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YL-JS001 Air Walker

YL-JS002 Sit up Board

YL-JS003 Push Up Dip Station

YL-JS004 Arm Exerciser

YL-JS005 Arm Wheels

YL-JS006 Pull-Down Exerciser

YL-JS007 Arm Exercise Machine

YL-JS008 Outdoor Rowing Machine

YL-JS009 Leg Press

YL-JS011 Chest Stretcher

YL-JS012 Body Twister

YL-JS013 Quad Spinner

YL-JS014 Arm Stretch Trainer

YL-JS015 Seated Rower

YL-JS016 Pulldown Exercise Machine

YL-JS017 Chest Stretcher

YL-JS018 Chest Exercise Machine

YL-JS019 Seated Rower

YL-JS019-1 Rowing Machine

YL-JS020 Body Twister

YL-JS021 Arm Wheel

YL-JS022 Arm Exercise Machine

YL-JS023 Leg Press

YL-JS024 Seated Rower

YL-JS025 Arm Exerciser

YL-JS026 Pulldown Exercise Machine

YL-JS026-1 Chest Press

YL-JS027 Sitting Rotator

YL-JS029 Leg Exercise Machine

YL-JS030 Agility Bench

YL-JS031 Push Up Dip Station

YL-JS032 Arm Exerciser

YL-JS033 Tai Chi Spinner

YL-JS034 Double Air Walker

YL-JS035 Seated Rower

YL-JS036 Seated Chest Press

YL-JS037 Arm Wheel and Air Walker

YL-JS038 Body Twister and Sit up Board

YL-JS039 Push Up Dip Station and Leg Press

YL-JS040 Arm Wheel and Chest Press

YL-JS041 Arm Exerciser and Sitting Rotator

YL-JS042 Pull Down Challenger and Chest Stretcher

YL-JS043 Self Weighted Rower and Sit-Up Bench

YL-JS044 Sit-Up Bench and Chest Stretcher

YL-JS045 Pull Up and Air Walker

YL-JS046 Self Weighted Rower and Leg Press

YL-JS047 Arm Wheel and Body Twister

YL-JS048 Pull Up and Arm Wheel

YL-JS049 Exercise Bike and Push Up Dip Station

YL-JS050 Arm Wheel, Chest Stretcher, Stretch Trainer

YL-JS051 Leg Stretcher and Wheel Spinner

YL-JS052 Fitness Trail Combination

YL-JS053 Arm, Chest and Leg Exerciser

YL-JS054 Arm and Chest Exercise Machine

YL-JS055 Ski Walker and Leg Press

YL-JS056 Outdoor Exercise Combination

YL-JS057 Arm and Chest Stretch Trainer

YL-JS058 Rower and Push Up Dip Station

YL-JS059 Arm Exerciser and Body Twister

YL-JS060 Arm and Leg Exerciser

YL-JS061 Push Up, Bench and Air Walker

The 3rd generation outdoor fitness equipment meets the needs of all age groups including children, youth, old age people. The whole body can be relaxed during aerobic exercises. It is designed to prevent disease and strengthen muscle.

In addition, custom products are available to meet your various requirements. If you have any questions about 3rd generation outdoor fitness equipment, please contact us.

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