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1st Generation Outdoor Fitness Equipment

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YL-JS079-13 Exercise Bike

YL-JS080-03 Waist Stretcher

YL-JS081-11 Seated Raise Trainer

YL-JS082-20 Body Twister

YL-JS083-08 Arm Stretcher

YL-JS084-06 Push Up Dip Station

YL-JS085-05 Arm Stretch Trainer

YL-JS086-07 Chest Press

YL-JS087-04 Back Stretcher

YL-JS088-12 Arm Stretch Trainer

YL-JS089-04 Shoulder Stretcher

YL-JS090-03 Chest Stretcher

YL-JS091-12 Self Weighted Rower

YL-JS092-02 Wheel Spinner

YL-JS093-02 Seated Rower

YL-JS094-23 Chest Press

YL-JS095-06 Arm Wheel

YL-JS096-12 Tai Chi Spinner

YL-JS097-08 Arm Exerciser

YL-JS098-12 Air Walker

YL-JS099-04 Exercise Bike

YL-JS100-06 Self Weighted Rower

YL-JS101-22 Double Air Walker

YL-JS102-09 Back Stretcher

YL-JS103-03 See Saw

YL-JS104-02 Shoulder Stretcher

YL-JS105-09 Pull Down Challenger

YL-JS106-03 Wall Bars

YL-JS107-08 Horizontal Bar

YL-JS108-06 Parallel Bars

The 1st generation outdoor fitness equipment is designed for people to do exercises outdoor. It is made of cold galvanized steel pipes, suitable for all ages, from children, youth, old age, especially for strength and aerobic exercise in public places.

We have one year quality warranty and irregular follow-up service for outdoor exercise equipment. One stop solution including consultation, design, manufacturing and installing blueprint making is also available.

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