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Lala Forest Series Playground


Lala Forest Series outdoor playground equipment , with outstanding mountains shape design, allows children to open their minds and use their imaginations when they are playing in the natural space the equipment provided.

The safety always is the top priority, comparing to the attractive appearance and gorgeous colors.

YL-L140 Lala Forest Series Outdoor Playground:

Dimension 930*800*530 cm (L*W*H)
Safety Area 1330*1200 cm (L*W)
Certificate ISO14001, ISO18000, ISO9001, SGS, GS
Material 1. Plastic part: Anti-UV LLDPE
2. Pillar: Galvanized steel pipe
3. Metal: Galvanized steel
4. Deck & stair: Steel with plastic covered
5. Fastener: Stainless steel
Note: Different materials are available for different requirements.
Feature Anti-UV, anti-static, safe, environmentally friendly
Age group 6-12 years
Capacity 3-18 persons
Application Amusement park, kindergarten, pre-school, residential area, supermarket, restaurant, etc
Packing Plastic part: Bubble bag and PP film;
Metal part: Cotton and PP film
Warranty 1. Plastic part: 3 years
2. Pillar: 3 years
3. Deck & stairs: 3 years
4. Metal component: 3 years
Attention 1. Please check the screws and other catchers of the equipment regularly.
2. The equipment is for the children aged 6-12. Children less than 6 years old should play under adult supervision.
3. Keep the equipment away from blunt objects and acid corrosive liquor.

1. Height of playground handrails and the interval of their posts are designed according to our research on children's body characters.
2. Fastening screws are all of stainless steel. They can only be unscrewed by professional tools. Additionally, spring washer is added to prevent the nuts from loosing.
3. As for the net, chinlon rope with steel wire core is chosen as the material. The aluminum alloy couplers and fasteners are used to prevent the falling off or deformation of the net.
4. The decks and stairs are made of cold roll steel sheet covered with skid-free rub. The steel sheet is produced with special crafts, featuring with slightly rippled surface, safety, good appearance and skid resistance. It is no less than 3 mm in thickness for the deck and no less than 12 kg for the baffle.
5. The plastic components of outdoor playsets are made of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) from Samsung Corporation. Some additives are added to acquire anti-UV and anti-static properties. The strength coefficient is equal or greater than 3 to ensure the strength requirement. Additionally, this kind of plastic is smooth, safe, eco-friendly and fade resistant.
6. Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe with 114 mm diameter is adopted in accordance with the international standard and those with an inner diameter of 109 mm and a thickness of 2.5 mm is also used. They have good hardness, adhesion, toughness, impact-resistance and salt mist resistance performance. The thickness is 0.5 mm, while the curing temperature is 190-220℃.

One-year warranty for the products is provided. Ten-year fade resistant warranty is provided for the plastic components. The large equipment comes with irregular follow-up service.
The outdoor playsets include a wide range of types for your requirements. Different types of playground products share most of the parameters except the width and length.

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