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Age of Steam Series Playground


This outdoor playground equipment is designed based on the image of steam train during the Industrial Revolution period. As a fancy design with retro colors, slides and ladders, this series playset was especially welcomed by our East Europe clients.

YL-A004 Age of Steam Series Outdoor Playground

Dimension 1220*800*500 cm  (L*W*H )
Safety Area 1620*1200 cm (L*W)
Certificate ISO14001, ISO18000, ISO9001, SGS, GS
Material 1. Plastic parts: Anti-UV LLDPE
2 Pillar: Galvanized steel pipe
3. Metal: Galvanized steel
4. Deck and stairs: Steel with plastic covered
5. Fastener: Stainless steel
Note: Different materials are available according to your requirements.
Feature Anti-UV, anti-static, safe, environmentally friendly
Age Group 6-12 years
Capacity 3-15 persons
Application Kindergarten, amusement park, pre-school, residential area, supermarket, shopping centers, restaurant.
Packing Plastic part: Bubble bag and PP film;
Metal part: Cotton and PP film
Warranty 1. Plastic part: 3 years
2. Pillar: 3 years
3. Deck & stairs: 3 years
4. Metal component: 3 years
Attention 1. Please check the screws and other fasteners of the equipment regularly.
2. The equipment is for children aged 6-12. Children under 6 years old should play under adult supervision.
3. Keep the blunt objects and acid corrosive liquid away from the equipment.

The materials we used for outdoor playsets are as follows:
Plastic component
The linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) from Samsung Corporation was purchased for the plastic components. Appropriate additives are added to the material, making it anti-UV and anti-static. The strength coefficient is not allowed to be lower than 3 to ensure the strength requirement. It is smooth, safe, environmentally friendly and fade resistant.

Steel pipe
We adopted hot-dip galvanized steel pipe with a 114 mm diameter in accordance with the international standard and those with an inner diameter of 109 mm and a thickness of 2.5 mm. They have good hardness, adhesion and toughness and are impact-resistant, salt mist resistant. The thickness is 0.5 mm and the curing temperature is between 190-220℃.

Steel pipe coating
The molding powder is from Akzo Nobel, a Netherlands company. The coating of thermoplasticity polyester powder is baked at 191-220℃. The thickness of the coating layer is around 0.08-0.13 mm. The surface is smooth, anti-UV, fading-resistant with high curing temperature and bright colors.

We use aluminum alloy connected by stainless steel 316 screws for the fasteners. The rubber blankets and set screws are employed where the fasteners contact the pillars.

These products have a number of types of products for the customers. The other types have almost the same parameters except the width and length. Please contact us for more information.

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