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KaKa Car Series Playground


We provide plentiful types of this playsets to meet your different demands. Different types share almost the same parameters except the width and length. So the parameters of one of them were shown in the form below for your reference.

YL-C025 KaKa Car Series Playground Equipment:

Dimension 1060*1000*550 cm (L*W*H)
Safety Area 1460*1400 cm (L*W)
Certificate ISO14001, ISO18000, ISO9001, SGS, GS
Material 1. Plastic part: Anti-UV LLDPE
2. Pillar: Galvanized steel pipe
3. Metal: Galvanized steel
4. Deck & stairs: Steel with plastic covered
5. Fastener: Stainless steel
Note: Different materials are available for specific requirements.
Feature Anti-UV, anti-static, safe, environmentally friendly
Age Group 3-12 years
Capacity 3-18 persons
Application Amusement park, kindergarten, pre-school, residential area, supermarket, restaurant, etc.
Packing Plastic part: Bubble bag and PP film
Metal part: Cotton and PP film
Warranty 1. Plastic part: 3 years
2. Pillar: 3 years
3. Deck & stairs: 3 years
4. Metal component: 3 years
Attention 1. Please check the screws and other fasteners of the equipment regularly.
2. The equipment is for children aged 3-12. Children under 6 should be playing under adult supervision.
3. Keep the equipment away from blunt objects and acid corrosive liquor.

We have been devoting ourselves to the innovation, design and manufacturing of entertainment equipment since foundation in 1993. Based on the experience we accumulated during the last 20 years, we have developed a wide range of playground products with novelty and attractive appearance which meet the demands of our clients at home and abroad. The outdoor playsets which has car elements in it was launched in 2012 for children aged 3-12. In the same year, it won the golden medal in the 11th China Toys and Juvenile Products Design Contest.

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